How To Host A Superbowl Party without Breaking Your Budget

How to Host a Superbowl PartyA Super Bowl Party is great fun for everyone. Two great teams slug it out on the football field. You and your friends get to visit and enjoy each other. And don’t forget the great commercials; sometimes, I think they’re the best part of the whole show.

What isn’t so great about hosting a Super Bowl party, however, is the cost. If you go crazy, you could spend a small fortune. Do you really have to break the bank to have a good time? No you do not! Remember the point of the party is to enjoy the game and hang out with your friends. Anything else is just gravy.

There are lots of ways to keep a tight rein on the cost of your Super Bowl party. Try these suggestions as you plan your big bash:

Serve basic snack foods. Does your family really expect mini-quiches and crudités while they watch a football game? Of course, they don’t. Simple appetizers are more than adequate fare for a Super Bowl party. Pour bags of chips into large bowls. Pop up some popcorn. Even health-conscientious party hosts can find favor by providing veggie trays filled with celery strips, carrots, and ranch dip. Stock up on hot dogs and burgers and do a cookout for the big game.

Provide one or two types of beverages. Don’t try to bring something for everyone; you’ll drive yourself insane trying to think of everyone’s drink tastes. Instead, provide one type of soda and one type of beer. (Don’t forget to shop the sales.) Tell all of your guests ahead of time what you’ll be serving; if they want something else to drink, they can always bring it themselves.

Divvy up food and drink responsibilities. While providing drinks and food for everyone may be burdensome for one person, the task is easy if all of the partygoers share the responsibility. Ask one or two friends to bring drinks. Ask others to bring snacks. By going potluck, you can all enjoy the party without enduring any stress over the cost. We usually just focus on one main dish that we will provide (this year it will be grilled hot dogs) and we ask our guests to bring other dishes to share such as potato salad, nachos, chips and dip, etc.

Skip decorations. None of your friends are expecting fancy decorations or place settings for a Super Bowl party. They just want to watch the game with you. Focus on having plenty of available seating around the television and plenty of snacks. That’s all you need.

Are you throwing a superbowl party this year? If so, what are your plans for food?

How To Make Your Own Valentine Subway Art

Valentine Subway ArtI’ve been having a wonderful time on Pinterest lately and have found many many {probably too many} crafting projects I would love to do. Since Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, I’ve been focusing my efforts on crafts and decor products for that day. I thought I’d tackle making my own subway art, as my walls are a little bare these days after removing all the holiday decorations.

Since I don’t have Adobe Photoshop or other similar program, I searched around online for an appropriate program to use. I found that I could do the type of font work and layouts I wanted using Google Docs Presentation software {free} which is my kind of program! I have a color printer and along with some cardstock I was able to create several pieces that I was really happy with.

Valentine Subway ArtTo start off, I opened Google Docs. Then I chose the “presentation” option from the menu that says “create”. It was really very easy to create the subway art. I started by making a list of words related to Valentine’s day (love, sweetheart, be mine, valentine, etc.). Then I entered each word as “word art” and chose a different font and color for each one. I basically just played around with the layout until I was happy with it. I tried rotating images 90 degrees so the words would go down the sides. I added a few hearts for some contrast. I changed up font styles, sizes, and colors for visual interest. Here is the original color one that I did.

One really cool trick I discovered was that you could easily duplicate slides. So I did the first subway art using different colors for words. When I was finished I duplicated the slide and then changed all the fonts to white and changed the background colors. I finally decided that I liked the light pink background, but an all gray one looked really nice too. Seriously, this was a really simple project to do and the great thing is that I can now create subway art for any occasion. Valentine Subway Art in PinkAfter I decided which subway art print I liked the best, I printed it on my printer and framed it in a basic black frame {dollar store frame}. The possibilities for this are really endless, as you can easily resize and create a variety of prints for any frame size.

Valentine Subway Art