Get Kids On Board With Coupon Clipping

Get Kids To Help With Coupon Clipping

Few can argue that clipping coupons can lead to significant savings at the grocery store. Devoted coupon users scour their local newspapers and grocery store ads to find coupons for their favorite grocery items. Coupled with discounts offered during in-store sales, coupon clipping can really make a dent in a family’s grocery expenses. Coupon clipping, although a worthwhile investment of your time, can take up more of your day than you’d like. Use ideas like these to turn this thankless task into one more opportunity to spend time with your family. You’ll get a chance to teach your children the importance of budgeting and have fun with them, too.

1. Make coupon clipping a contest.
Many Sunday papers have two or three coupon circulars within its pages. Give a circular to each of your kids and let them peruse its pages. Set a goal, maybe the goal will be to find three coupons for products you regularly use, and reward the first of your helpers to reach it. A frugal reward might be an extra hour of television or video game time for each week’s winner.

2. Reward special coupon finds.
If one of your kids finds a particularly valuable coupon like a free item, allow your helper to get that item on your next shopping trip. It won’t cost you anything (except the sales tax) and you’ll keep your little coupon hunters enthusiastic.

3. Plan meals around coupons.
Maybe your little one loves those little frozen pizzas. If he finds a coupon for it one week, consider allowing him to plan one evening’s dinner around that coupon. Not only will you get help with your coupon clipping, but you’ll also get helping with your meal planning. For one night you won’t have to wonder what’s for dinner.

4. When grocery shopping, put one of your children in charge of the coupon book.
Make him your partner in grocery savings as you make your way through the grocery store aisles. He’ll love being your special helper and you’ll have less to juggle.

Using Online Coupon Codes to Save Money Year Round

Even though I’ve been a couponer for a long time, I still get a rush of excitement at the thought of saving money by using a discount. With the Back To School shopping season coming up soon, you better believe that I’m on the lookout for ways to save money on school supplies, backpacks, lunch boxes, and clothing. I’m watching for the sales to start and am already checking to see what items I have on hand so I won’t have to buy them again. Then, I’ll compile a detailed list of what I need to purchase so I’ll be ready for the sales when they start. I am going to be doing some online shopping this year too and will hopefully score some great deals for gift giving at Christmas. Here are some tactics I regularly use to save money with online coupon codes:

Search The Internet For Online Codes
My rule is to never place an online order without searching for an online code or promotional code first. I just do an internet search on the item I’m looking to purchase along with the words “coupon” or “promotional code”. Most times I can find a code to use which can save me a substantial amount. Sometimes the code will be for a percentage off; sometimes I can find a code for free shipping using sites like Coupon Codes USA.. My favorite types of deals are ones where I can use a promotional code for a discount and also use a code to score free shipping.

Sign up With Your Favorite Retailer
I’m a big fan of Gymboree so I’ve signed up for their rewards programs. I earn rewards for purchases made and I also get notified of sales so I can get a head start on them. (You have to act fast at Gymboree because the best deals sell out quickly). I also have the rewards card for Toys R Us which has been pretty beneficial. Even if your favorite retailer does not offer a rewards program, sign up for their free newsletter if they offer one and be sure to check out their Facebook page to find any free offers.

Bookmark Deal Sites
I have a few deal sites I regularly patronize to help me find the best deals and discounts. I’ve found these sites helpful during the holiday season (and especially for Black Friday sales) because it saves me so much time to have the deals compiled in one spot where I can compare the best deals easily. I like the fact that these sites usually allow feedback from users of the coupon codes so you can find out ahead of time if they are likely to work or not.