Five Grocery Shopping Mistakes You Should Avoid

Bag full of healthy fruits and vegetablesGoing to the grocery store can be an expensive affair. We all have the story of the time we went in to spend $10 and ended up spending $100. However, with a little planning and good decision making, any grocery shopper can keep his or her bill low. Here are five mistakes every shopper should avoid to save money at the grocery store.

Buying Name Brands
These days almost every name brand item has a generic substitute. In most cases these generics have the same level of quality as the name brand. Sometimes they are even made at the same facility, but with different packaging! Make sure and go for the generic items unless you have some reason not to do so.

Buying Too Many Perishable Items
It is easy to overestimate how much you will use before another trip to the store. Be careful not to buy to much of any perishable items at the store. For example, it can sometimes save you money to buy the half-gallon of milk instead of the gallon if you will only use half a gallon before it goes bad, even if the gallon is cheaper per ounce.

Going to the Store When Hungry
Everything looks good at the grocery store when you are hungry. If you go to the store before eating you may find that you stuff your cart with more than you need, and with several unhealthy items as well! Try to go right after a meal to avoid impulse buys and to avoid getting more than what you need.

Not Making a List/Not Sticking to the List
It can be easy to think that you know everything that you need before going to the store and can figure it out when you get there. However, if you don’t make a list, you will find that you might make a bunch of impulse buys and come home with several things you don’t need. You will probably also waste time by wandering around the store trying to remember exactly what you need. Also, keep in mind that you need to stick to that list when you get to the store!

Ignoring Sales and Coupons
If you do not pay attention to sales and coupons, you can miss out on some serious deals. Make sure and check the local paper before you go to the store and see what coupons you can find. Clip those and take them with you. Also, see what stores are having sales. You may have to visit 2 or 3 stores to get everything you need, but it can be worth the effort.

Saving money at the grocery store can take some work. However, if you avoid the mistakes listed above, you can get the same groceries you get every month for much less!

The Top Benefits of Investing in the Stock Market You should Know about

StocksThe following article is a guest post.

With the financial systems around the world undergoing major reforms, with banks offering little value on savings accounts, with governments implementing strange policies and risky social security schemes – with a complex, integrated, and global monetary structure in place, it may be hard to decide on the best way to make your money grow. Simply saving money is no longer an option; inflation will eat away whatever interest you get paid. The only way to ensure that your money grows – at a steady rate and with profitable returns – is to invest. But how do you go about it? Following are some of the top benefits of investing in the stock market and why you should seriously consider it.

Stocks – what are they?
A stock, in essence, is a share in a company. This means that if you own a stock, you own a certain share of a company – you, and all others who own that stock, own the company. It entitles you to the profit that company makes. To put it in its simplest terms, a person who buys a stock owns a percentage of a company, has people working for him or her, and will receive a certain amount of money every now and then.

Why choose stocks?
There are many different investment opportunities – so why own stocks? What makes a stock better than the other options out there? Historically speaking, stocks give much better returns in the long run than any other investment vehicle out there. Statistically speaking, they are more lucrative over time. However, there are also other benefits:

Liquidity. Stocks can be bought or sold at will; meaning that, unlike real estate or other business ventures, you can turn your stocks into money very quickly.

Cost-effective. The buying and selling of stocks is done through a broker, who charges a very minimal fee. Technology has made the world of brokerages very competitive and has substantially lowered fees and commissions.

Investing or trading. You can also trade stocks if you choose not to hold them for a long time and receive the dividends. You can buy low and sell high and profit with price fluctuations.

The main goal of a company is to make money – that is, simply speaking, the reason for its existence; to provide jobs, to bring great products and services to the market, and to earn money for its staff and stock holders. By owning stocks, you own part of a company – by owning stocks, you have people working for you. You have a corporation whose aim is to have your investment grow. And if you’d like to find out how you can maximise your stock market investments, speak with an expert from CMC Markets today.