Stretch Your Holiday Budget With Homemade Christmas Gift Baskets

Christmas Gift BasketI enjoy creating my own gift baskets because it allows me to customize the gift for the recipient and is a great way to stretch gift giving dollars. Have you seen the price tag of some of those fancy gift baskets? Unbelievable, especially given that it is not difficult to put together a great looking gift basket. I’ve listed the basic supplies you will need to get started on making your own homemade basket.

First, you will need some type of container to hold all the gift items. I typically use a basket or box but a gift bag can also work. I’ve found a wonderful assortment of these items year round at my local dollar store. The Target Dollar Spot sometimes has small baskets too. Other good sources for baskets are garage sales and store clearance sales.

Next, basket filling is needed to place into the bottom of the basket or box. The cheapest item to use is paper you have shredded up but crumpled tissue paper or raffia from the dollar store works just fine too.

Now you are ready to add the gift items that are going to be going inside the basket. I usually like to collect a group of about 5 or 6 items depending on the size of the basket and the type of items given. I make themed gift baskets so all the items are related, (i.e. coffee gifts, food gifts, etc.)

The final step is to use a basket wrap to enclose the gift basket. Ribbons or bows can be used to tie the wrap at the top. Curling ribbon works just fine but for a more elaborate looking basket you may choose the fancier bows or larger ribbons.

Now that I’ve described the basics on how you actually put a gift basket together, below I have listed a few gift basket ideas. Check out your local dollar store for a wonderful assortment of items to put into the gift basket.

Child’s Candy Basket
Items to include are a small stuffed animal and an assortment of candies such as candy canes, a Lifesaver book, or individual wrapped candy bags.

Teen Girl Beauty Accessories Basket
Hair accessories of all types, bath and body lotions, manicure products, and a variety of jewelry accessories would be great items to include in the basket.

Bath Accessories Gift BasketBath and Body Gift Basket
Gather an assortment of body washes, candles, body lotions or bath gel and include a bath sponge.

Movie Lover’s Basket
Include everything the recipient would enjoy for an evening at home at the movies. Great ideas would include a couple of movies and some snacks such as a favorite candy, soda, or an assortment of popcorn.

Holiday Decorating Basket
Perfect for a newlywed couple, you can put together a basket full of decorations. Include items such as candlesticks, holiday scented candles, place mats, napkins, a tablecloth and other wonderful accessories to help get the decorating started.

Christmas SweetsHomemade Treat Basket This is one of my favorite baskets to make because it is so personalized. Whip up some homemade treats like bread, cookies, or any other item from your kitchen and wrap them all up festively.

I think you have an idea now of what to include. Here are some additional gift baskets that would be easy to create:

A Garden Lover’s Basket
A Pet Lover Gift Basket
Arts and Crafts Basket
Coffee Lover’s Basket
Scrapbooking Gift Basket
Favorite Sport Gift Basket

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  1. David@ yourfinances101 says:

    The concept of a gift basket is obviously a great idea. The concept of putting them together on your own is excellent!! There is no question that it can be done much cheaper than buying one pre-made.

  2. allen hurst says:

    Great idea for both personal and small business owners. Creating a basket tailored to your clients and special customers is unique and shows them that you know something about them. Also, delivering the baskets gets you addtional face time with the client. Allen

  3. Elissa @ 20s Finances says:

    Ooh! Nice tips. I love the movie lover’s gift basket – might be a great gift for my boss, who is a movie buff.

  4. says:

    I did something like this for my dad, filled with food he enjoyed when he was a child. It was a super affordable gift and I know he is going to love it.

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