How To Save Money With BOGOs (Buy One Get One Free) Sales

Buy One Get One FreeA favorite promotion of many different retailers is the “buy one get one free” sale. I suspect they like the promotion because it encourages shoppers to pick out several items and everyone likes to get something “for free”.

Used correctly a “buy one get one free” sale, or BOGO, can be a very powerful savings tool. You can get the items you need at half of their regular prices. What could be wrong with that? Here are a few of the ways that I’ve put them to use.

Shopping for children’s clothing
Do you have two kids that need new shoes? Maybe you’re in the hunt for new winter coats for the family. BOGO’s are perfect for these types of situations. You usually have to pay for the more expensive item and get the less expensive one for free.

Pooling your shopping needs
If you only have one child, you may think that BOGO’s won’t work for you. Don’t be so quick to discount them, though. Maybe a friend with one child can go shopping with you. Reach out to friends or family members who have children around the same age as your kids and see if you can help each other out.

Stock your pantry
When food items are offered in a BOGO promotion, I almost always buy them. Staples like flour and sugar are wonderful items to stock up on, but don’t overlook more perishable items can be good buys too if you will use them before they become stale. One of the biggest ways I save money on our grocery bill each month is utilizing Publix’s weekly BOGO sales. I can score especially good deals when combining these sales with coupons.

Plan ahead for future needs
I’m a big fan of purchasing multiples of items and putting one away for future use. Art supplies are always nice to have in storage. Extra stocks and undies are great, too. Just be careful to leave some room to grow when you are selecting clothing items.

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    Make sure you have a need for the item or you will be spending more than you need. It is basically like buying two items both at 50% off. Stocking up by paying a little more now is a good plan in most cases.

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    I try to find BOGO sales that will give you one items at just half price. They are much harder to find, but they are out there. BOGO’s are great tools for Retailers, but it usually causes some people to spend way more than they would have before. Good breakdown.

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    If you really need it, then bogo’s are great. I like your point of stockpiling — saving for the future. That’s financial planning!