How Online Shopping Helps Me Save Money On My Kids’ Clothing Needs

Shopping Online

With four growing children you better believe that keeping them in clothes that fit can be a bit of challenge. Seems like every time I turn around someone has outgrown something. Being the cost conscious mom that I am I’ve tried a variety of methods throughout the years to help keep our family’s clothing budget in check.

When the kids were babies it was much, much easier to find their clothes at garage sales and thrift stores. I remember the days when I’d head out on a Saturday morning, score some great clothing finds, and be back at home by noon. When those items had been outgrown, I’d resell them on eBay or have my own garage sale. Well, as the kids have gotten older, those days are gone because most weekends are chock full of sporting activities for the kids and church obligations. There is simply no time for weekend garage sales (either going to them or having one), although I still do resell the clothes on eBay. In addition, I have a hard time finding the right sizes or items the kids need and as they’ve grown up they like to pick their own clothing (especially my teenagers). To facilitate peace with the kids and our clothing budget, I’ve come up with a few solutions that keeps mostly everyone in the family happy.

For me the perfect blend of saving time and money has been online shopping. This past Christmas I purchased nearly every single clothing item for the kids online. I know their favorite stores, what brands they like, and most importantly, what size they wear in that particular brand. I let the kids shop on their favorite online sites and they picked out what they wanted by placing items into the store’s online shopping cart. Then I could go into the cart and purchase one or two items for them. They know they should start browsing in the sale and clearance areas first. I’ve signed up to get rewards and sale alerts from our favorite stores including Gymboree, Kohls, Aeropostale, Payless, and Claire’s. I definitely spend much less money (and less time) by shopping online for my kids’ wardrobes.

Since my teens are old enough now to be handling their own clothing budgets, I plan on getting them their own Visa Prepaid cards which I can load with their monthly clothing budget. They can carry the money over from one month to another if they want to save for a bigger purchase. It’s a way I can guarantee that we will stick to the clothing budget and I also feel I will be helping them to learn how to handle money and spend wisely. It’s also a way to add an additional layer of spending protection and the kids understand that when the money is gone – it’s gone. I like the idea of the Visa Prepaid versus a store gift card because I don’t want the kids to be locked in to buying from one store only and the Visa Prepaid card gives them the option to shop the sales at a variety of stores at any given time. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to activate and load a Visa Prepaid card:

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