Frugal Family Fun Ideas For Spring Break

I’m so excited that spring break is almost here. I’m ready to enjoy the splendor of the season and I’m sure you are too. If your family is any bit like ours the kids are just chomping at the bit to do something fun while they enjoy a week away from their studies. But I have no intention of filling their days with expensive camps or a pricey vacation. Here are some budget friendly spring break activities we are going to be doing, and maybe they will help you get started on your own week of frugal fun:

Planting Our Garden
Digging, planting, and watering are wonderfully relaxing experiences for kids (and for parents too) so we always plan to spend some time gardening during spring break. We usually kick off our Spring/Summer garden planning with a trip to the nursery. It puts us in the “gardening mood”. I let the kids browse the aisles and explore the many plants, garden tools, and decor. We’ve found that when they grow their own vegetables they will actually try things they usually wouldn’t touch. My youngest used to run from anything green but you should see him gobble down the broccoli we grew in our garden last year. I break the gardening tasks into simple steps so that even my preschooler can participate. (Yes, this is a messy activity so I just plan for it.) I have a collection of child sized tools which makes it fun for all of them. Check your local dollar store for kid friendly garden tools and such basic necessities as seeds and pots. To keep things easy see what you can recycle for growing containers, save what you can for compost, and setup some reminders on your calendar for when harvest time should be.

Planning a Picnic
Though it sounds so basic the first picnic of the year always feel special, even if it is only your own backyard. Let the kids choose the menu and make easy salads and sandwiches. Don’t forget to bring outdoor tools like a Frisbee or a ball and some kids baseball gloves so they can run around and get some exercise. Since we are fortunate to live close to a beach, we’ll be taking our picnic to a beach day where we’ll soak up the sun and surf.

Getting Some Exercise
We’re going to be taking advantage of some fabulous bike trails we have in our city. This will probably be a half day event and where we will all ride our bikes. We’ll pack some brown bag lunches and extra water and turn it into a picnic lunch as well. If I didn’t have any decent bike trails, I’d go down to the school one morning and walk the track or take the kids on a longer than usual bike ride through the neighborhood.

Doing Some Crafting
Jo-Anns and Michaels Crafts Stores always have some extra craft classes scheduled during spreak break. I’ve been saving some coupons so we can purchase some craft supplies. We’ll probably do a painting project or two and maybe make something for the backyard – maybe a bird feeder or bird house.

A Bit of Redecorating
We’re going to be doing a bit of spring cleaning and cleaning up some toy clutter. I let the kids pick out some new hand towels and soap dispensers for the bathroom – something with a “spring” theme. This year I’m letting each of them do a mini “makeover” for their rooms. It will make the spring cleaning more fun, because at the end of the day their rooms will be clean and newly decorated.

Cooking New Recipes
I need to add a few new recipes to our life so I figured the week of spring break is just as good as any time to try them. I’m letting the older kids help out on this one. I’m going to be trying out a new soup recipe, cookie recipe, and some oatmeal bars.

Earning Some Extra Cash
Since I have two teenagers now, I’m going to give each of them the opportunity to make some extra cash during their spring break week. They’ll be helping with lawn work, baby sitting, house painting, and a few other projects that I just haven’t had the time to tackle.