Movie Night: A Classic and Cheap Valentine’s Day Gift

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So you want to make Valentine’s Day special but need to save money? With all the adverts showing expensive bunches of flowers, 3 course dinners for ‘only’ £50 and other luxury goods it’s hard to resist the commercial temptation. But don’t make the mistake that you have to spend big to show that you care – there are many options that don’t cost the earth, and better still, show that you have put some serious thought into your gift.

One of the best options for a great night in that doesn’t break the bank is a romantic movie night! Cook your significant other dinner, and then settle down together with a great film. It doesn’t have to be a ridiculously romantic film (although it won’t hurt for one night), think about the films you have enjoyed together or bonded over in the past and set the scene for a cosy night in. If you already have the films great! If not consider a free trial with Netflix or check out the local library.

Still not sure what film to go for? How about these: For the big romantic blockbuster try Moulin Rouge, Romeo and Juliet, The Notebook, Twilight or Pretty Woman. Going out with a film buff? Try something a bit more old school like Annie Hall, Breakfast at Tiffany’s or The Great Gatsby. If you’re really struggling then you can’t go wrong with Casablanca – this is a black and white romantic classic, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t love it.

Everyone is different, so make sure that you choose a film that is personal and meaningful for the two of you – who cares if it’s a little off the wall, if it means something to both of you, then it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

At the end of the film, to make the night extra special and create a happy memory and keepsake for the future, write a card to your partner listing a few reasons why you love them and what they mean to you.

Things to remember
1.Set the scene; fill the room with candles, cushions, and blankets.
2.Have lots of chocolate and fun movie night snacks like popcorn.
3.Consider decorating your home with a romantic theme, paper hearts and maybe some flowers or confetti.
4.Keep the movie night a secret until the night but maybe send your partner an email or text during the day to hint at the surprise you have planned.

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