Christmas Yard Decor On A Budget

If you’ve ever been the type to go driving around the neighborhood admiring the Christmas displays you see, you probably understand the desire to have one of “those” yards. You know the ones I mean; some homes simply exude the Christmas spirit. From their lawn ornaments to their porch displays these homes are the perfect embodiment of what you’d like your home to look like for the holidays. Now I’m not going to claim that our yard is one of “those” houses, but I dare say that our yard is well decorated and I’m sure at a fraction of the cost of some of the displays I’ve seen.

Front Door Décor
To start your outdoor holiday décor you’ll need to find a really great wreath. Don’t feel, though, that you have to buy an expensive one. You can start with an inexpensive green wreath or even a Styrofoam form. Then attach embellishments that suit your holiday style. Tiny ornaments, bright silk poinsettias, or petite gift boxes are all nice options. Add a bow for hanging and you have instant door décor. I always cover my front door in red wrapping paper and then I hang the wreath on the door. Even though it doesn’t cost a lot, it sure does go a long way in making our house look festive! Another thing I add to the front porch is a nice pot or two of poinsettias. The Dollar Store always has a few silk poinsettia plants in different sizes to choose from but sometimes I go with the real ones when I can find a good sale on them.

Accentuate the Positive with Lights
Do you remember the parts of your home’s exterior that stood out for you when you first purchased it? Maybe you loved the big window in the front. Or, maybe the porch columns really struck a chord with you. Whatever your favorite part of your home’s exterior is, make sure you draw attention to it with your Christmas lights. Lights are inexpensive and pack a lot of punch. I like to stick with all white lights as compared to the multi-color ones. We put lights along the roof of our home and in the hedges as well.

When we first started decorating our yard for Christmas we started with just a few lights in the hedges. Then at the after Christmas clearance sales I would buy the lights when I could find them. Each year I added to the collection until we had enough lights to decorate the entire house out front as well as the hedges and trees. We have some lights who are going on their 5th Christmas season! Now we just look to see which lights will need to be replaced and search for those at the after Christmas sales.

Give Year-Round Ornaments a Christmas Touch
Chances are you already have some lawn ornaments. You might have a bird bath or a lamp post. Be sure to give your traditional lawn decorations a healthy dose of Christmas spirit. Bird baths could be draped in Christmas ribbon, or you could put red and/or green light bulbs in your lamp post. These touches are inexpensive and easy, since the bulk of the decoration is already in place. You’re just dressing it for the holidays. My local dollar store has lots of ribbon in varying colors and widths.