Best 10 Office Supplies to Stock Up On During Back To School Sales

While the back to school sales are still going on, it’s the perfect time to head down to your local office supply store and stock up on those all-important essential office supplies that you will require throughout the year. This may not be the most exciting shopping trip for you, but it is necessary, so before you head straight for the store, make sure you make a list of what items you will need to see you through the following academic year. If you don’t sit down and make a list of the office supplies that you need, you could find yourself browsing the aisles for hours. Ten minutes making that list could save you 30 minutes in the store, so here is a little help to get you started.

Best 10 office supply items to keep in stock:

1. Spiral notebooks
Spiral notebooks are an absolute must for most people, not just in school, so why not throw in a few extra for around the house? You can always store them and us them next year if necessary.

2. Notebook paper
Notebook paper is a definite buy. It is usually best to get lined notebook paper instead of blank paper for easier writing.

3. Pencils
Everyone needs pencils, so why not check out how much a whole box will cost you rather than just two or three? If you buy a whole box, it will save you having to go back for more in a few weeks when you have either lost them or chewed them to bits.

4. Glue
Glue is not always needed, but is something that is good to have in stock ready for when it is necessary; so buy one or two, but don’t get too many or they may sit in the cupboard for a while and dry. I like to buy the glue sticks, but always make sure I have a bottle or two on hand as well.

5. Portfolio folders
The price of portfolio folders can vary quite a bit, so make sure you’re getting a good deal before you buy and if so, throw in a couple of extras.

6. Colored pencils or crayons
Colored pencils or crayons are usually needed. Don’t just go for the cheapest colored pencils, as I find that paying a little extra for a good quality colored pencil is definitely worth it. The quality and color of such pencils are much greater than those of cheap ones.

7. Colored pens
Colored pens can be useful for a variety of office needs. Just yesterday at Target I was able to score a great deal on packs of red pens.

8. Rulers
Rulers are a good item to have on hand and I usually buy them in a pack 5 or more, as they often get snapped or lost.

9. Staples
You can never have enough staples. My rule of thumb has been to buy one more box than I think I will need.

10. Invisible tape
Invisible tape is a must have, as everyone has a use for it; and it always comes in handy at birthdays and Christmas if there is any left! I do have to hide it from the kids, though, because they’ll use it all up in a day if they find my hidden supply.

When it comes to back-to-school supplies, buying a few of these items in bulk can save you a lot of money in the long run!

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  1. Elizabeth @ Simple Finance says

    I was checking to see if your list would overlap with what I’ve been buying, and largely it did! My kids are younger, but I still use this time of year to buy tons of notebooks and crayons for them to color in. I can usually get enough of those to last for the whole year for less than $4-$5.

  2. says

    Back to school supplies shopping is the highlight of my (school) year. All these new items, just waiting to have my (unfinished) AP Statistics homework scrawled all over. I see potential in these new items, and they almost get me excited for the school year.

    Then I remember that I have to get up by 4:30 am. Excitement gone.

  3. says

    Good article. I also try to buy a lot of my supplies during back to school time. Savings are big plus I can buy in bulk and not worry about running out for an entire year

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