Great Gift Ideas for a $40 or Less Budget

I know that many of you have Christmas shopping on your mind. With Black Friday coming up this week, the shopping season will really kick in. You don’t have to have a big budget to give great gifts for Christmas. In fact, if you can spend $40 per person you have a lot of options. Here are a few great gift ideas for a $40 or less budget:

Team Sports
Most everyone has a team that they root for during sporting events. Take a look at sports apparel and accessory websites. You can find a great jersey, sweatshirt, blanket, hat, jewelry and odd accessories like belts and earrings for less than $40. My husband is a huge Florida Gators fan and last year at a JCPenney Christmas sale I was able to find both a Florida Gator’s sweatshirt and t-shirt for under $40.

If you are not sure what sporting team your friend or family member prefers then consider where they went to school or the big name team sports in their community. For example, if they live in Texas then the Dallas Cowboy Football team may be a sure bet. Of course for us here in Florida, Gators are the top pick 🙂

Gift Baskets
You can make a personalized gift for anyone by creating a homemade gift basket. The first step to this gift is to purchase or make the basket. You don’t have to stick to a traditional basket either. For example, if you’re making a gift basket of baking accessories and goodies then your basket could be a large mixing bowl.

If you’re creating a gift basket for a child then you might use a bucket or a small plastic toy box. One you have your basket chosen you can start adding items to it until you’ve reached your $40 limit. Most teens would love iTunes gift cards or a gift card to their favorite store. It won’t take long until you have a basket overflowing with goodies. The great feature about a gift basket is that the recipient knows you put a lot of thought into creating it.

Luxury Items
You can find exceptional deals on small luxury items during the holidays and many of them are less than $40. For example, a cashmere hat and gloves combination makes a nice gift for the women in your family. Men enjoy receiving designer ties, leather belts and cuff links. And children always appreciate books and toys. $40 gives you a lot of wiggle room to get creative.

Fun with Toys
Radio controlled cars and toys can be found for less than $40. You can also find great games for handheld gaming devices (There are some fun games for the DS) or for console stations like Playstation 3 or Wii. And don’t forget to check out this season’s award winning board games. Every year there’s a new crop of intelligent, thought provoking and fun board games and many are released just before the holidays.