5 Budget Friendly Turkey Leftover Ideas

As Thanksgiving preparations begin in our house, there are a lot of things that I look forward to. Family celebrations are so much fun. I love to see our house filled with friends and family. Kids are running all over the place as adults catch up with each other about our busy lives. Despite the warm feeling I get looking forward to the big day, I have to admit there is one thing I’m dreading: leftover turkey. Having leftover turkey to deal with always seems inevitable. No matter how hard I try to plan our meal so that it doesn’t leave us with a mountain of turkey, we always end up with some. Before long, my family starts to groan whenever the leftover turkey makes an appearance on our dinner table. This year, though, I have decided to plan my leftovers ahead of time. I’m going to come up with some leftover turkey meals now so that I know what to do. Here are some of the front runners I’ve come up with so far:

Turkey Pot Pies
You can make this classic dish in the same style that you make chicken pot pies. You simply have to substitute chunks of turkey for the chicken. Using some staples from your pantry, you can quickly craft the crust of the pies, and a can or two of mixed vegetables will fill the pies out nicely.

Thanksgiving Salad
Lunchtime after Thanksgiving can take on a whole new personality if you make Thanksgiving salad. Mix chunks of turkey with chopped pieces of celery, onions, bell peppers and pecans. Add a heaping spoon of mayonnaise to the mixture to help it stick together. Salt and pepper to taste and refrigerate until lunchtime. Spread over your favorite sandwich bread and enjoy.

Barbecued Turkey
This slow cooker recipe will be great for Black Friday. I can get the meal started before I go shopping and let it cook while I’m out. Begin by mixing one cup of barbecue sauce with one-half cup of water. Place turkey pieces, cut up potato pieces, and chopped carrot sticks in the slow cooker. Pour the barbecue sauce mixture over the other ingredients and cook at the low setting for nine hours.

White Chili
Who says chili has to be red and filled with beef? Using white beans and turkey instead can turn a mediocre batch of chili into something your family will look forward to. If you don’t feel like experimenting with your chili recipe, a quick Google search will reveal a host of white chili recipes.

Turkey Alfredo
A plate of simple noodles, topped with Alfredo sauce and chunks of turkey breast will make the family forget that this is a leftover meal. Heck, I may not even remember myself.